landscapes series

prints for sale

2000 – 2015

Colour moves me: spectrum, hues, light, sensations, all these support this ethos.  Landscapes inspire me; the apricot copper hues of the soil, the golds, the effervescent greens, all ignite me.

“As if by supernatural forces an extraordinary layer of iridescent reverberating green light exposed and then dissipates; into a translucent indefinite flow like the tail tethers of a kite about to dissolve swallowed up into the nightfall. Hazy misty streamers float out of sequence.”

“A discerning peak of slanting land is ignited by a sparkling green illuminated opaque vapor, a place of saint’s treasures trove.  A bird in flight descends over this passage of land voyaging into and out of the sea. This visible tapestry of unassuming beauty will soon become eclipsed as this heavy sky descends further as dusks denotes”.

Personal preparation notes made on walk



“Ms. Catherine Leyreloup, BA (Hons), FRSA, is a lady of distinction who paints a wonderful riot of vibrant color energised and infused with joie de vivre. Her new paintings communicate her sense of joy and are evocative in their visual excitement. They both retain her freshness of original inspiration and are an exciting reference to their natural source. They are unashamedly beautiful.”

Graham Mileson, former art lecturer, Goldsmiths. London



Prints are available in the following sizes:

Small: 20″ x 16″ (508mm x 406mm)

Medium: 32 x 24 (813 x 607)

Large: 40 x 30 (1016 x 762)



Each print in the Landscapes Series is limited to an edition of 75. To ensure the integrity of the edition, all prints are signed and numbered by myself, the Artist, on completion of printing: affirming the authenticity of this limited edition.



All prints are produced using professional Giclee printer with archival K3 Ultrachrome inks and printed to premium 100% cotton acid free 300-gsm papers.