catherine leyreloup


Catherine - LeyreloupCatherine has attended the launch of a new exhibition of her latest paintings and light-sculptures at the KunstWerk Gallery in Dusseldorf – at the heart of Germany’s contemporary art world – where she gave press and television interviews.

After a very successful show, the exhibition moved North to the Galerie Des Wahnsinns, in Ratingen for six weeks. Paintings on exhibition included the iconic Emerald Dance, prints of which are available on this website. After the opening of the new show, Catherine visited Paris for the installation of a specially commissioned work for a private collector, and she is currently completing a series of 8 new paintings for two exhibitions.

Catherine now lives by the beautiful coast of North Wales where the constantly changing colours and light of the sea, shoreline, hills, lakes and the Blue Mountains are generating new ideas and inspiration, as her own photographs testify below.