catherine leyreloup

in the words of others

Ms Catherine Leyreloup, BA (Hons), FRSA, is a lady of distinction who paints a wonderful riot of vibrant colour which energises and infuses with joie de vivre.

Her new paintings communicate her sense of joy and are evocative in their visual excitement. They both retain her freshness of original inspiration and are an exciting reference to their natural source. They are unashamedly beautiful.

Graham Mileson

Former Art Lecturer, Goldsmiths College

Catherine is a phenomenon – she paints with her soul. When you see her work what you get is not just a representation of a scene or a photograph of a person or a place, you get a part of her. You feel that all her emotions have gone into the creation of the picture. It is alive in the way that she is alive, sometimes vivacious, perhaps humorous, or maybe sometimes more sombre and serious, or perhaps revelling in the beauty that she sees, a beauty that most of us are blind to. She can see beauty and colour in the simplest of things, and she captures the moment in a very personal way. To benefit from seeing the world through her eyes is a privilege not to be missed.

A young vivacious and articulate painter and photographer.

J. Kennedy Melling

Journalist and Critic

Adept brushwork – stark yet resonant. Masterful integration of the color scheme. The tension in the picture plane lends the work dramatic tension.

Adrian Gargett

Catherine on Snowdon - leyreloup