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Catherine Leyreloup FRSA

emotive themes combined with a vibrant contemporary style

Catherine Leyreloup’s painting is an impassioned response to the natural world. Encouraged by her parents she painted out doors, visited Paris art galleries, and absorbed the great works of Matisse, Cezanne and Van Gogh. This engagement with landscape is a continuing subject and theme in her practice.

Her work is created through an experimental process, sketched in chalk pastel on site. She selects her scene intuitively, absorbing it through observation combined with a sense of place. The final painting takes place in the studio on canvas, sometimes using oil paint made with pure pigment and at other times with iridescent acrylic.

The images are created using brush, sponges and masking. Composition and the illusion of space are realised by perceptual depth cues, and her vibrant palette stems from the past avant-garde masters, to create innovative imagery merging impressionism, expressionism and early abstraction.

Her work is sold worldwide to individual collectors, corporates and through special commissions, and is widely exhibited in public spaces, therapeutic settings and galleries.

Born in Nice, Catherine lived in Cannes in the South of France, then moved to Ontario in Canada and later to the UK. She studied life drawing and photography at Goldsmiths College, University of London before her BA Honours at the University of Reading. She twice studied in Cyprus at the Cyprus School of Art.

In 1996 Catherine Leyreloup she was nominated to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and in 1998 she was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

“The Beautiful Soul, on canvas!”

Swirling Lights 3 - leyreloup

Swirling Lights 3 – Catherine Leyreloup (2009)

“A young vivacious and articulate painter and photographer.”

John Kennedy Melling, Writer & Critic, 1990

“Ms. Catherine Leyreloup, BA (Hons), FRSA, is a lady of distinction who paints a wonderful riot of vibrant colour energised and infused with joie de vivre. Her new paintings communicate her sense of joy and are evocative in their visual excitement. They both retain her freshness of original inspiration and are an exciting reference to their natural source. They are unashamedly beautiful.”

Graham Mileson, former art lecturer, Goldsmiths University, London, 1994

“Adept brushwork – stark yet resonant. Masterful integration of the colour scheme. The tension in the picture plane lends the work dramatic tension.”

Adrian Gargett, Art Critic, 2012